DittoPublisher: Content Management System


Designed and developed by the Audience Development team at The Oklahoman Media Company, DittoPublisher is an easy to use browser-based CMS that enables editors to publish across desktop and mobile platforms simultaneously and is currently used by the newsrooms of The Oklahoman, The Washington Examiner, The Weekly Standard magazine and The Gazette in Colorado Springs.

In an industry where newsrooms and copy desks are shrinking, newspapers are finding themselves with a limited amount of time and resources. DittoPublisher allows newspapers to publish across multi-platforms without hiring additional staff.

Whether you’re publishing to iPad, iPhone or an Android device, DittoPublisher’s workflow is fast and easy.

With one-button publishing, DittoPublisher generates editions across a suite of the most popular smartphones, tablets and now desktop. No need to worry about different resolutions and screen sizes. DittoPublisher takes care of that for you. As new devices enter into the market, DittoPublisher will allow you to add those devices to your suite of products in a short amount of time.


View DittoPublisher CMS product workflow.

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