Audience Development – Creative Director

1. Strategic Objectives and Goals

Establishes strategic purposes built around innovation, vision, strategic intent, mission, goals, objectives and user experience. Quickly work with staff to change direction and communicate emerging new strategies. Employee productivity and understanding of how what they do fits into company objectives and goal attainment.

2. Milestones and Deliverables

Keep all parties informed about project scope, plans, status, and obstacles, resulting in common/timely understanding and expectations for users, staff, and management. Prepare project plans that include dates, tasks, staff assignments, and critical paths, resulting in well-considered plans, sound target dates, and appropriate risk. Ensure that projects include appropriate research, definition, and test plans, resulting in good, well-tested solutions. Provide appropriate oversight, judgment and contingency alternatives to minimize company exposure.

3. Creative Direction

Effectively respond to operational and business challenges through resourcefulness, innovation and creativity. Leads the communication and interactive design and moves concepts forward in any work assigned. Guide a team of highly-innovative web-designers, developers, programmers, editors and key stakeholders through the strategic problem-solving process. This process involves the cultivation of ideas through concept development, product user interface, website and app-development, programming, print, video production, marketing, post-analysis, accountability and collaboration across inter-departmental teams. This also includes a responsibility to keep a consistent user experience across multiple digital platforms.

4. Responsiveness

Focus on the needs and concerns of customers and co-workers. Being approachable and positive. Understanding the needs, desires, and schedules of others. Being flexible and adapting quickly to change. Having a sense of enthusiasm and urgency in carrying out important job-related tasks. Operating in a timely manner.